Monday, December 21, 2009

25 and yes I'm alive

For some reason I haven't been able to make posting much of a priority these days. Almost every evening I think I'll sit down and update my blog . . . but somehow something else comes up. So . . . here is a list of the 25 things I SHOULD have posted by now:
1) Annabelle caught her first fish, with my dad in Colorado.
2) Asa started eating foods. His favorite so far is sweet potatoes.
3) The kids dressed up as bugs for Halloween this year. Well I guess technically a spider isn't a bug, but you get the idea.
4) Asa started sitting up really well and passing toys from on hand to another.
5) I made homemade pumpkin pie again this year. Except I used pie pumpkins. Never again. The shells were really really hard to cut through. Next year I'll grab a jack-o-lantern before they sell out.
6) We closed on a house. Whoo-hoo! We are officially homeowners.
7) The weather finally started cooling down here. I am really looking forward to the next couple of months of playing outside and going for walks. Asa seems to like stroller rides a lot.
8) Annabelle got school pictures taken. She looks adorable. I am launched into feeling closer to 30 than 20. Which is technically true as well!
9) We painted the first level of our house, I really wanted to do the upstairs as well, but we closed a week later than I thought, so I had to prioritize . . .
10) I started having fun walking through home improvement stores. A strange new experience.
11) My mom, Nona, Jake and my Dad came to help us with the move. Their trip involved sleeping on air mattresses in our hot apartment, listening to my neighbors party, my kids cry at night, catching our colds and then waking up to scrub our new house (which unfortunately was pretty dirty). We could have never done it without them. Seriously, I think I would have had some kind of break down. They saved me. Thank you.
12) We skipped the traditional Thanksgiving meal this year, as we had moved into the house the day before and went out for Mexican. Oops! It doesn't mean we weren't grateful, just tired.
13) Asa now has two toofers. He cut his firth tooth on Thanksgiving Day. Super cute, but also very sharp. Ouch!
14) We started cleaning up the backyard. I think it will be fun. I asked Santa for a hedge trimmer thing this year. Yes, power tools!
15) We started cleaning out the garage. I have tons of baby girl clothes that someone left in there. Any takers? They are in really good condition.
16) I like our new ward.
17) I miss our old ward too.
18) We bought a crib. Sounds like odd timing right? Well Asa didn't seem to like sleeping in the pack and play. We never had a crib for Annabelle. Sorry no pictures yet, but it is just a regular crib, just use your imagination :)
19) We decided to forgo a Christmas tree this year (hey, don't judge, we already skipped out on Thanksgiving) and I bought a really pretty garland that we hung our favorite ornaments on. Yeah, no pictures of that yet either. . .
20) Asa wants to crawl. So far he is up on his hands and knees a lot and then melts down to the ground. I can't blame him, the chub was over 19 lbs and his 6 month check up. It might take a while to build up the muscles he'll need.
21) I decided I wanted to decorate our living room with aqua, burnt orange and a nicer than lime green. Doesn't sounds as good typed up, maybe once I actually get some decorating done I'll put up some pictures of it. What do you think of that color scheme?
22) Annabelle made a gingerbread house at school. Mike took off of work for a little while to go help her. She loved it. And I love that she lets me snitch candy off of it.
23) I have made 2 types of fudge, cream puffs, chocolate ginger bread cookies, cornmeal sandwich cookies and a cheese ball so far this month. And Mike has been making dinner! Ha ha, I guess sometimes I just have to prioritize.
24) I might be ready for Christmas, maybe. The last 3 weeks have really flown. I can't believe Christmas is really this week. How wonderful!
25) Merry Christmas friend and family! (or whoever might still be looking at this poor neglected blog!) I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas :)