Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring in the Desert

Spring is officially here and I think summer is right around the corner. This being our first spring in Arizona I wasn't sure what to expect. So far there hasn't been any rain and the flowers have decided to beat the heat and show up in March! Mike of course has taken the opportunity to hike around and photograph them for me (and now you) to enjoy. It is amazing what beauty blooms on some very hazardous looking cacti. 

Another great quality of a warm and early springtime is the visitors. Mike's sister Jessi came down earlier this month with her cute kids Annica and Eli to spend a week thawing out from their frozen Minnesota winter. We had a great time exploring the area, playing, going to the zoo and catching some rays. For a better travel log of their trip, check out Jessi's blog here.
The greatest part of their visit for me (besides playing with my niece and nephew of course) was having Jessi around all day to chat with me. I thought that Annabelle would be in need of a constant playmate after her cousin's left. But within 24 hours I realized I was the one in withdrawal and kept wanting to pick up the phone all day. It was a wonderful week.

Not too much going on otherwise. My pregnancy, like the spring is in 'full bloom', or at least full view as I enter my last trimester. Last week at church a few sisters mentioned that I was finally showing. I have to laugh as this week a brother in the ward mentioned to Mike that I looked as if I was about to pop and asked when my due date was! It's all a matter of perspective I suppose. I feel like I should post a picture but in looking through my most recent photos I don't have one . . . and with my resident photographer in deep slumber on the couch I will just have to rely on my handy computer cam to capture an image. 
For all you curious folks out there: there you have it. My 28 week belly. 
Oh and for those of you who were unaware I have scheduled a c-section to bring this little guy into the world. Annabelle was an emergency c-section and in the last 3 1/2 years I have yet to convince myself that trying out a regular labor and delivery would be a good idea. But it's nice and all planned out. Or perhaps these are just famous last words. We'll see :)

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the evening. I hope springtime is bringing you some form of beauty and if not, hop on a plane and we'll show you around down here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

One More

The first commenter said she didn't want to participate on the previous post . . . so there is 1 spot left on 'Share the Love' if anyone is interested.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Share the Love!

My domestically-inclined former roommate, Rachel, has promised me one of her famous care packages if I in turn will share the love.
So . . . the first five people to make a comment on this post will receive a free homemade gift from me sometime in the next couple of months. The catch is that you in turn must share the love and make a similar post on your blog. What this homemade gift will be will be determined by who you are - there is definitely room for suggestions. Take note that I do not sew. Just remember to pass on this love chain on your blog.

A Week up North

It was as if the stars aligned for a few days in Utah last month. In our trip to the colder lands up north Annabelle and I were able to see some of our old friends from BYU (unfortunately we missed some), two of my old roommates, some McKean as well as Thorstensen extended family, my family from Colorado came out AND the cherry on top of it all: my new nephew Jeremiah!My older brother Adam and his wife Trudy had their first baby and he is a cutie! Annabelle and I drove up at the beginning of the week so that we could get a head start on all the cooing over the baby and were joined by Mike and my family by the end of the week for the baby blessing.
One of my great friends from Wymount let me crash at her house and made me feel right at home with her 3 boys and soon to be med school student husband. Perhaps she was just relieved to have a little more estrogen in the house :) It was a blast, thank you Sara and Chris!
Annabelle enjoyed playing with those 3 boys as well as hitting up our Utah favorites. Namely: scrapbooking in the basement of Wymount with Nichole, eating at J-Dawgs (good idea Rachel), Cafe Rio, chatting with friends, lunch at the MOA cafe, dress shopping at the Gateway (so so fun Becky), one visit to an urgent care facility (yes, another ear infection), Macy's - the grocery store for you non-Utah residents, and dinner at Adam and Trudy's. 
Unfortunately I have gotten out of the habit of taking any pictures as Mike has become the resident photographer in our house the last couple of months. Just take a look at my last post, 90% Mike's pictures. Even one of the ones of Mike was taken with the self timer by Mike!! But thankfully Mike was in town with us for about 48 hours and managed to take about 400 pictures, mostly of Jeremiah.A few people asked me how driving the 10+ hours by myself with Annabelle was. Let me tell you, I have got the best travel companion ever! She is content with just listening to music or talking my ear off for hours on end. She only needed to go to the bathroom once or twice each way. She will wait to have lunch at a McDonalds WITH a playplace for an extra hour or two or three if need be. She is fine with whatever snacks are within arm reach AND she never complained about my driving! I realize now how much having a new baby will adjust our ease of traveling . . . until then I could drive ANYWHERE with this girl.