Monday, April 2, 2012

Tia, what is that smell in your kitchen?

To answer your question, it's parsley. Exciting, right? Not so much?

I tore out the winter garden on Saturday, my mom helped us put it in last conference. Anyway, we needed room for the pumpkins (from mom's donated seeds). We probably planted 8 or 9 seeds in a 4 x 3 box. If they all survive we are going to have to find some friends to take a vine, we won't have enough room. But I am happy to have the vines spill out of the box and into that end of the yard anyway. So I filled 4 pots with parsley transplants, gave 2 pots away and dried what was left. Well, what I had patience to cut, wash and dry that is. All that work and I've got about 3/4 of my mason jar full of parsley smelling parsley. I'd say it is a success.

For those still reading . . . we also planted watermelon, sweet corn, 2 tomato plants and a red and a yellow pepper plant. I left some carrots and onions in the ground to use as we need them, which will need to be before the watermelon and pumpkins take over!

Grand success of this winter's garden: Snow peas. None really made it into the house, which was my intention, but we would frequently go out with the kids to munch on them as they were freshly picked.