Saturday, July 26, 2008

Settled In

I would have to say that we are pretty much settled in and getting back into the rhythm of regular life again. Mike has been working for almost a month and is getting the hang of it. I thought it was funny that Mike's mentor referred to him as an intern for the first little bit. Mike is working in product quality, which means he just helps deal with something different everyday. Beyond that . . .  you'd have to ask him.
Annabelle and I are finding things to do. We like to swim a lot. Most often we enjoy an after dinner swim when we can avoid the sun and get that last bit of energy out before bed time. 
Last week I got a new hair straightener and Annabelle understood that I have straight hair and that hers is curly, so after some persuasion I straightened her hair - or what I could with the straightener on low heat (I was worried about damaging her light wispy hair). She thought it was pretty funny, it looks more wavy than anything else. Take a look:
Brushed out and Frizzy

We are starting to get our footings as far as local things to do. We have enjoyed the local library. I never knew that I felt like I needed to finish a book regardless of whether or not I have enjoyed it, but after a few uninteresting reads I found one I liked and finished it is 2 days. It is 'The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks (author of The Notebook, Message in a Bottle and A Walk to Remember). After that read I picked up "Dear John" but have put off starting to read it so that I make sure I am spending some time with Mike this weekend. I really get sucked in.
There is also a local toy store that has an open play time for 2 hours on 2 mornings a week. We have gone once and it was pretty crazy and after 2 hours their store was in major need of some organization but it was really fun for the kids and I even got to meet some other Moms. 

Monday, July 7, 2008


If you had been a fly on the wall in our apartment this month you may have thought you were watching a drawn out make over show. 
Anyway, here is the transformation:

Previous Attire & Posture

Previous Demeanor & Grooming

New Attire & Posture

New Grooming & thankfully the same old happy Demeanor

Well the career has begun! Not too much to write about yet considering most of his time has been spent in orientation.



Attached -  married, if you haven’t figured that out by now . . .


Definitely MIKE! Not to be a cheese ball or anything but Mike has been one of my best friends since high school. Good friends even when I had other boy friends and everything. We were such good friends before his mission I always figured that he just never realized I was a girl (due to the obvious chemistry but lack of romance). But now . . . I’ve got it all!


I really am not a fan of cake. I like almost any pie. Cheesecake counts as a pie by the way. We didn’t even have a wedding cake, just a bunch of different types of cheesecake!


Hmm, good days over bad day.  Or is this day of the week? Thursdays are always like a surprisingly fun day . . .


Uh . . . candy? Tampons? Diaper wipes?  What am I supposed to write here?


Green. I always gravitate toward green things. And now it represents a environmentally considerate lifestyle which I think is hip too. 


Yum! I love gummies. I think Worms, especially if they are SOUR. Unless it is fresh german gummy bears because then they are still super chewy. There is a  specific ranking system for me when it comes to chewy candy.


Quite simply: Colorado Springs. The rest of the story: Most likely an Army base in Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, Oklahoma or Germany


Candy if you haven’t caught on to that. Doing crafts, or as Annabelle refers to them ‘crafties’. Staying up late. Long baths. Lately reading more books.


Interesting, considering the new local. I love swimming outside and July is really the only reasonable month for that in Colorado. But January is usually pretty great for snowboarding. I guess I’ll be swimming more often than snowboarding, so after much deliberation . . . July.


Yes. Annabelle as you well know. And hopefully more to come, but no announcements.


More than likely if I like someone it is only a matter of time before I love them. So to answer the question, yes. 


Yes, I guess I would consider our marriage a date, a big fancy group date with all our friends, family and families friends.

(this is supposed to be a joke)


3 brothers. 3 sisters - in law. 3 brothers - in law

that is nice and even, never realized that before


Mostly home invasion. 


“Actually, I’d rather be naked” - Annabelle

“Let’s stay like this forever” - Kirsten

“Are you going to kiss me or not?” - my little brother to a little girl

“or NOT!” - the little girl

“You are a murderer or love” - Dan in Real Life

‘“Ronald,’ said Elizabeth, ‘your clothes are really pretty and your hair is very neat. You look like a real prince, but you are a bum.’

They didn’t  get married after all.” - The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch

“Mom, I want to the moon to be square” - Annabelle, just a few hours ago


Yes: Mike, Annabelle, sunshine, free long distance calling, skype, blogging, creative projects, a clean house, extended family, little bro coming home from Peru in 31 days, good friends, dental insurance . . .


Ooohh, umm early to mid summer, early to mid fall and mid winter.


I’m trying to pick people who I haven’t seen tagged before - but I’m not really sure, maybe they have been tagged but didn’t really want to do this. How about Shelsea M., Meridth G., Nicole S., Kristin S., Leigh H., and . . . YOU! Yes you, the person reading this who thought of their own answers while reading this.


I think I’d like to disclose quite a bit. So here is my top 10 list:

1. I lost my last baby tooth in a 7th grade science class

2. If I were to change lifestyles I would more than likely end up putting my hair into dreadlocks

3. I broke my left hand playing capture the chicken in 5th grade

4. I had a secret desire to be an art major

5. I'm afraid of slicing oranges and of using cheese graters

6. I know all the words to the G rated version of the 3rd Infantry Division's "Dog Faced Soldier" and it is one of the only songs I am comfortable singing in public

7. I went to an experimental elementary school for grades 1-3, needless to say: The experiment Failed!

8. I used to play the drums in a jazz band

9. From the time I was 15 or 16 I planned on becoming the 1st Mormon Nun, which would take place a few months after my planned mission to the Argentina,  Buenos Aires West Mission. And yes President Hinckley was going to extend the call for this nun position.

10. My toes are so dexterous I use them to pick things up off of floor, I can write with them and have even won a tetris game on the Nintendo using only my toes while my competitor used his hands.


Definitely closer to be a vegetarian. I was for close to 3 years, but it wasn’t really a practical practice for me once I got married. Unfortunately I can’t claim that it was all in the name of compassion for animals, I’m just not super keen on meat.


Well I don’t care, seems like the reason for the x ray or ultrasound could be a bigger portion of the preference. I haven’t found too many medical procedures to be so intolerable that I would have a preference against them. 


Maybe my Italian grandmother’s tortellini soup. I like most non-overly-meaty  foods. But no sea food.


Libra, whatever that means.