Saturday, January 29, 2011

3 Weeks

I love this boy! He is mellow, snugly, sweet and fits into our family perfectly.
I love his dark hair! I wonder if it will stick around.
My friend Katie sent this blanket in a package this week and Mike thought it looked so soft he had to use it in this week's photo shoot. Thank you Katie!

How am I holding up? Pretty well. Sunday at church I was sitting in Primary and I started FREEZING! I didn't know what was going on so I just sat there with Kai in my lap. Over the course of the rest of the evening I felt off and on better and worse. Once I had a fever and noticed that I felt like Asa had elbowed me in the chest I put two and two together. Mastitis! My awesome Doc called the Rx in for me and I am feeling better. Thanks to my good friend Rickie for picking Annabelle up for school Monday morning - I was a little too out of it to drive. Other than that I am doing well. You should know by now that Mike does all the real work around here anyway!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A & A

When Mike's parents took off earlier this week they left me with a clean house and a full fridge. Annabelle had the day off of school for a holiday. With nothing else to do but curl up with my baby and a book, the kids and I camped out in the toy room for the afternoon. It was all I could do to keep from laughing when after an hour or so I looked up to see what the pair were up to.

Asa is sitting in the toy baby stroller here!

Seriously, does that say love or what??

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 Weeks

Our little Kai is two weeks old. The 2 week mark has been significant for me. After the first week Mike was back to work, but after the 2nd week Mike's parents went home. It is officially up to me to keep things going. I've had so much help with getting Annabelle off to school, keeping Asa entertained, the house tidy, the meals planned and errands run. I've been spoiled. Thank you!
I am feeling good. Pretty well recovered (don't tell my doctor but I started picking Asa up again). At my two week check he saw my incision and double checked my chart that I wasn't in for my 6-week check. I think his surgical ego got a boost as my 2 week old incision already looks like an old flattened scar. Hurray! He says that if the inside of my body has been healing as well as the outside of my body then I'm in great shape.

Kai makes the greatest little facial expressions in his sleep. I have no idea what a newborn dreams about, but it must be a riot. Look at this little stink face! Doesn't he look like he is just causing some mischief and loving it? If only we caught more of his smiles and expressions in photos, they are so fleeting.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1 Week

Kai is 1 week old today.
This is the suitcase that my Grandma Mckean, my mom and I have all taken to the hospital to have our babies. That makes for 16 babies!

We came home from the hospital Friday night to an excited house with probably EIGHT 'Welcome Home' posters made by Annabelle (and a couple by Asa).
Here we are a few minutes after we got home.
The first several days at home Kai barely made a peep so long as he was swaddled. Today he seemed to be content even when he had kicked himself free from blankets. He is a good sleeper, a great eater and an even better snuggler.
On Sunday we went to church (just for Sacrament Meeting). He seemed extra peaceful as he lay awake for most of the meeting.
It has been a wonderful first week. My mother-in-law is here taking care of us all, taking care of all of the regular household duties so that I can take it easy. I hope that the days won't rush by, I am so in love with this little one already!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Kai Paul Sherwood

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm in Love

Our little babe is here and just as perfect as can be!
He weighs 7 lbs. 13 oz & is 20 inches long.
He entered the world clearing his lungs with a loud cry and then promptly peed on the nurse!
My c-section went smoothly. Our little boy without a name is healthy and was ready to nurse the first chance he got.
We've had a great first day. My body is recovering quickly - I just went on my second walk.
We had a super fun visit with the kiddos this afternoon. Annabelle was great at holding him and just kept smiling and rocking him.
Once Asa was awake enough from his nap he was ready for his turn as well. The first thing he did was honk the baby on the nose! We kept a closer eye on him after that.
We feel like Heavenly Father has given us another beautiful blessing in our lives. I don't feel worthy of such a gift. He is so precious.
Thanks to Mom & Dad Sherwood for holding down the fort. We couldn't do this without you!
More pictures and maybe even a name will be forthcoming. Thank you for the kind words. As for now, I better get some rest.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Did I mention . . .

I am going to have a baby tomorrow?
Well I am! I've got my c-section scheduled for tomorrow morning and I am so excited. We have the house in order. Mike's parents are here to help out. My belly is giant. There is nothing else to do except go and have this baby.
For Family Home Evening last night we showed the kids baby pictures of themselves and had a little lesson about what a special blessing it is to have a new member of our family come from living with Heavenly Father and to be in our home. Annabelle took part in the discussion while Asa mostly just pointed at the pictures saying "Shh, baby".
Looking at the pictures made me feel even more curious about what this baby will look like. I won't have to wait too long to find out. In between now and then I'll just compare these babies and wait.
This is Mike, his mom's heaviest baby. He had a round head and fine blonde hair.

This is me with lots of dark hair (no surprise there).

Our beautiful Annabelle, the tiniest so far weighing 6 lb. 12 oz.

Asa with his soft dark hair that didn't stick around too long.
He was a little chunk weighing 8 lb 7 oz.

Home Improvements

Can you tell I've been knocking things off my 'To Do' list? Yes, catching up on blogging is one of them! I've had Mike home and off of work since Christmas Eve and have been taking full advantage. Last week we worked really hard getting ready for the baby and getting all the little things we've wanted/needed to do around the house DONE.
Priority #1 was to get ready for the baby! We unpacked the baby clothes (yes this is a little late at 38 weeks). Mike set up the cradle and we made this little nursery nook in our bedroom for him. Mike designed and made this cradle when I was pregnant with Annabelle. I love it and am glad to have it back from storage in Colorado and in our house to use with this baby! I know, it is beautiful - and will look even sweeter still with a sleeping babe in it.
Priority #2 was to get my craft room under control. One reason is because it also doubles as a guest bedroom which we need right now for Mike's parents who are here to help us while we have the baby and when I come home. The other reason is because having crafting supplies everywhere and no real easy way to get them in and out only leads to a disastrous looking room and more time searching for items than actually getting to use them! So Santa brought me shelves for Christmas and Mike created this space for me. I love it. I've already used it 2-3 times in the last week.
Priority #3 Get the toys organized! As many other moms probably feel after Christmas I felt like we needed to shift through the toys, decide where they were really going to belong and which ones the kids had simply outgrown. After all of that was done I thought it would be fun to label our existing toy bins. I cut these vinyl letters out and so far it has worked like a charm. The kids actually seem to be playing independently MORE often since they can find what they need . . . or maybe it is just all the fun toys they were spoiled with this Christmas!

Fancy Nancy

Annabelle loves reading 'Fancy Nancy' books. Since Fancy Nancy also has curly hair we had a 'look like Fancy Nancy' photo shoot the other day.
Funny enough it turned out to be one of the coldest days we've had in Arizona so Annabelle had to put a coat on over her outfit and giant pink jewelry.
If I can talk her into dressing up like Fancy Nancy for Halloween or something then I'll go find a big feather boa to go along with the rest of the outfit.
It was fun to play dress up. Next time we'll have to make sure we have warmer weather.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Arizona

We celebrated Christmas away from our families for the first time in our entire marriage this year. I have to admit that I was not looking forward to being away from home - but happy to report that Christmas still felt like Christmas!
I decided a few weeks before Christmas that I was going to have a positive attitude and make it special for our family. Mike got us off on the right foot by taking us to get a real Christmas tree right after we came back from Colorado. We all loved it. Asa rearranged the ornaments on a daily basis while Annabelle always seemed to find the ornaments with bells to ring as she danced to Christmas music. I loved the smell and how happy it made our house look.
On Christmas Eve we had our friends over for appetizers and dessert. After we visited and ate, the kids helped put on the Nativity story for us. With 4 girls and 1 boy around Asa was a shoe-in for the role of Joseph. He refused to wear a costume but was much more willing than 'Mary' to hold the baby while the older girls acted out the parts of the angel, shepherd and wise WOman.
After our friends left and we were getting the kids into their jammies my sweet friend and what must have been her husband's entire family came caroling to us. They sounded wonderful and it totally made my night. Afterward Annabelle exclaimed "I don't know why but I just couldn't stop smiling! I tried to stop mom - but I just couldn't stop".
Christmas morning was so fun. We decided to encourage the kids to play with each toy as they opened them. Annabelle was just as enthusiastic about her new clothes as she was about her new toys. Asa now has a plethora of boy toys and will yell "Go, go, go!" while raising his fist at his train, fire truck, dump truck and cars.

1 and a Half!

At 18 months Asa is still quite the rascal. He knows how to get into things. He figured out how to push chairs up to the kitchen counters to 'help'. He will yank a few yards of toilet paper off of the roll just to wipe his nose. He hangs off the oven door while saying 'hot, hot, hot'. He knows how to climb up onto the bathroom counters, put his feet in the sink and turn on the water. He climbs up on top of buckets in the pantry to reach his snacks and surprises us on a regular basis with ways to get himself into trouble.

Asa is also very generous. I can not hand him a piece of candy or a cookie without him then holding up his hand and asking for another piece for Annabelle - which he will immediately deliver to her. He frequently wants to share his toast or grilled cheese sandwiches as well.
As Asa's speech is improving he has learned to make us laugh. He surprises us everyday with new word combinations, my favorite lately was "Stinky pants, potty". He still signs a few things while he is speaking, just to ensure that we understand him but for the most part he is tries to repeat whatever it is we are saying. With this new skill Asa now takes part in our family scripture study, repeating one word at a time for about half of a verse or until he becomes distracted.
I am anxious to see how he will react to the baby. So far he loves other babies and hasn't ever minded when I've been holding another child. On the other hand he can be a real momma's boy!

We love him so much and greatly enjoyed the first 18 months.

p.s. No, he will not let us leave him in nursery at church.

Mom Update

Thanks for the concern about my mom. Her surgery was a month ago and was a success! She spent close to 2 weeks in the hospital recovering from having the tumor on her liver removed. She suffered from some painful complications but was thrilled to be home a week before Christmas.
Since she has been home her energy level has been increasing slowly, but she is still in pain everyday.
The cancer was classified as a bile duct cancer. It looks like they got it all out with the surgery but she still needs a few scans and to meet with an oncologist to determine a definite treatment plan.
I feel so grateful that the cancer was operable and localized. It has been hard to be apart from family but I have felt strengthened by the prayers and support in our behalf.

For any of you interested you can read her/my Dad's updates at: caringbridge. Her page is rosaliamckean. You'll have to register with the website but it only takes a minute.