Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Love . . .

staying up late.
hearing Mike play guitar.
flip flop tan lines.
drinking Sunny D.
this face.
perusing the aisles of an office supply store.
feeling my baby toss and tumble when I first lay down at night.
fresh berries.
family home evening.
waking up slowly.
being with family.
wearing my sweat pants all day.
trying a new recipe.
my growing belly.
listening to the rain.
checking the mail.
phone calls with friends.
paisley prints.
going to the temple with Mike.
starting a new project.
watching Annabelle play when she doesn't know that I am there.
warm baths.
visits from my Nona.
scrap booking.
pasta, bread and potatoes.
browsing my friend's blogs.
vellum paper.
watching Annabelle play outside.
hearing my nephew Eli shout "T-ya" to me on skype.
fresh ginger.
the weather right now.
hearing Annabelle squeal when she plays with Mike.
quiet time in the afternoons.
sitting in a sunny window to color.
playing Ticket to Ride.
a clean bathroom.
seeing Mike as a Dad.
finishing a project.
Happy Valentines Day!