Friday, June 12, 2009

At Home

It has been so wonderful to be home with Asa and Annabelle. I am feeling better the longer I am here. My mom has been here taking good care of us. I walked in yesterday to a delicious cheesecake in the oven, a clean house and a happy Annabelle waiting for us. 
I was scheduled for a c-section Monday morning at 9:30. The whole surgery was easy and laid back. I walked in, was prepped and then Mike was allowed to join me. As opposed to when Annabelle was born (via emergency c-section) the room was calm and even casual as the OB, anesthesiologist, and assistants were shooting the breeze and chatting the entire time. I remember when Mike asked me how I was doing. I told him that was way easier than going to the dentist (no sensation and no one in your face). 
I had been set on a repeat c-section for years now as one of my greatest fears in life is labor and delivery but I wanted to make sure I had made the decision in a responsible matter, for this pregnancy. I tried to educate myself on VBACs (vaginal delivery after cesarean). I talked to my doctor about possible risks of multiple c-sections and so on. I really wanted to make the decision with Mike and in prayer. But alas I never found myself seriously considering a VBAC . Whether out of fear or not, the decision was already made. During the surgery the doctor pointed out how thin the front of my uterus was and commented that it was a really good thing that I hadn't tried a VBAC. The anesthesiologist agreed and said he wouldn't have wanted to be there for that delivery. I was glad that the right decision was made whether out of fear of labor or more likely a stupor of thought. I am so grateful to have delivered the way that I needed to.
Mike was allowed to take pictures from the moment that Asa was born. He was cleaned up, I got to see him and then he was taken to the nursery for tests and a bath while I was sewn up and in recovery. We stayed until Thursday and had a great experience with our nursing staff.  I know it is common to not enjoy stays in the hospital, but between really kind nurses, pretty good food and a private room the experience is something I would repeat.
Asa is of course perfect in our eyes. I am grateful that he is a good nurser, that he is healthy, loves to snuggle and has a great head of hair. Pregnancy and recovery are such a small price to pay for the gift we have been given. No complaints here.
So far Annabelle has adapted to having "the brother" home really well.  Of course this could be due to the doting attention given by grandma.  She loves to hold him, ask questions about the things he does, and the things we do to him.  She has even given many suggestions of "better" ways to help him, one in particular is that I should provide chocolate milk as an option other than the regular flavor.  
As you can tell today we enjoyed Mike's last day off of work by setting up a little photo shoot. I love Mike's photography hobby. He has a great eye for capturing light. The picture of me is even a candid one from when I crashed on the couch this afternoon. Mike has been a great support this last week. He slept in a reclining hospital chair every night, would jump to reach what I needed any time of the day or night and would make several trips back and forth from the hospital to the house and doesn't bat an eye at hormonal mood swings :). I know he is just as thrilled as I am to have Asa home with us.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Asa Michael Sherwood

So, we have named him! We decided on Asa (pronounced ace-uh), we have liked the name for a long time, and then we read about who he was in the bible which made us like it even more. Here are a few more pictures of Asa.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby ???? is here!!!

We still don't have a name picked out, but he is here!!! Everything went great, Tia and the baby are doing well.

8 lbs 7oz
21 inches

Here he is in his first hours of life.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm So Excited!

I am just 3 days away from meeting this wild little boy! My mom will be here soon. The house is almost clean. I am sooo close to being done with all my projects I wanted to finish AND it is Friday. Could life get any better? I didn't think so.