Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Backyardigans = backyard + shenanigans

For FHE this week we decided to enjoy our backyard and tryout out some new fun toys. First off was Mike's new tent. He got it for his birthday last week {Happy Birthday Mike!}. I thought we had enough tents, but then we had another baby - and our three man is getting a little too close for comfort.
This was our first time setting it up and Annabelle and Asa couldn't be more thrilled with it. There are two rooms, a gazillion pockets and compartments and room to stand up! This is practically a hotel compared with our much loved three man.
 Next up, after the tent was safely tucked away, was a little painting with bubbles. I normally wouldn't be brave enough to try something like this - - but after seeing pictures of my sister-in- law letting her kids use them indoors, I figured I needed to loosen up a bit and try it out!
 We set out big sheets of white paper in hopes of catching a few bubbles on them and creating some cool masterpieces. It was really fun, pretty messy but crayola cleans up easy enough.

Thanks for sharing a fun idea Jess!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Asa's Songs


I am taking my button down! Thanks to all who have kept Rachel and Ryan in their thoughts. They are adopting a baby in August and I couldn't be more thrilled. Read Rachel's blog post here for the full, amazing story.