Monday, February 28, 2011

Train Museum Photo Shoot

I think after Mike took the picture of Kai in my grandma's suitcase I really fell in love with old fashioned, sepia toned photos again. So to mark Kai's almost 2 month {and because Asa really loves trains}, we took a trip to the train museum for a little sibling photo shoot.

Annabelle is such a cooperative model and such a cutie {I don't care if you think I am biased}, so I have a lot of favorites of her.
Kai was pretty cooperative as well, even if this one is a little precarious. Don't you just love that sweater? 
Asa, just driving the train, no big deal

 The walking rails is a remake of an old favorite {check out #20}, 
I can't decide if I like the color or the sepia more.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday Morning

We had a perfect, slow Saturday morning this last weekend. With no one in town and no where to be it felt like our first truly lazy wake up since Kai was born. Annabelle and Asa joined us in our room to snuggle up with the baby. They all looked so darling in their pajamas and with their bed head I grabbed the camera and got a few priceless photos of the kids adoring their sweet little brother.

Sometimes Asa is gentle, but we have to keep a close eye on him because sometimes he is not!
Can't you just hear her giggle?

It is moments like these that I am can't believe how blessed I am.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The McKeans Come

The McKeans (and a few Sherwoods)
My entire family plus Nona were able to come down for the weekend of Kai's blessing. Mike's parents had just returned from Colorado so they didn't come back but we felt their love and support. This was the first time since my mom's cancer diagnosis that we were all together. Everyone else had been home at Christmas, but I was too close to my due date to travel. We made the most of being together by taking family pictures, celebrating Jeremiah, (my nephew's), 2nd birthday and of course Kai's blessing.
Nona and Kai getting in a little snuggle time.

Our Eternal Family of 5
Annabelle, a cute and sassy big sis 
Asa, a little unsure
Kai, snugged up & sleeping
The original plan was for some family members to share a hotel and some to sleep here. As the special weekend got closer and closer everyone said that they would rather sleep at our house. No one wanted to miss out on the fun! So we slept all 14 of us at our house and it was fun, so long as privacy wasn't a priority.
With Jeremiah and Asa both loving trains we had to take a trip to Desert Breeze park. They have a carousel and a train to ride. It was the perfect thing for little boys!

Don't be fooled by their expressions, they really liked it.

Trudy made the train pieces of cake at home and then frosted them here. As you can tell, Jeremiah was thrilled! 
It was really fun to see Jeremiah and Asa together. They are only 4 months apart in age and I am hoping that they will be good buddies. Every now and then we'd catch them doing something silly like this and we'd laugh.

My mom stuck around for the rest of the week after everyone else had to head home. We didn't actually take any pictures of her stay, the kids had colds, so she just helped me take care of them. We made chicken noodle soup, lots of smoothies and went for long walks in the neighborhood each afternoon for fresh air. I kinda wished we had been able to do some fun things but maybe a low key week (while keeping Annabelle home from school) was just was we needed. I just wish we hadn't sent her home with our sickie germs.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blessing Weekend

We decided to bless Kai in church earlier this month. February 6th is a significant day for our family, as it is my maternal grandfather, Papa Campbell's, birthday. My mom remembered that my older brother Adam was also blessed on Papa's birthday. My mom felt well enough to travel and so we seized the opportunity to be together and introduce our new babe to the McKean clan.
Our family before church
These two are hilarious! I seriously think that Jeremiah looks like Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes). 
 Mike blessed Kai with my Dad, Adam, David, Bishop Campbell and friends Michael Brande and Loren Smith also stood in the circle. We recently took these photos Kai in his blessing outfit which was the same outfit that Mike and Asa were blessed in.